Welcome to our newest website, the newest and most comprehensive blog focused on The Wilshire Corridor.  I get a lot of questions, but the most common one is “Why are condo buildings rated “A”, “B” and “C” and who decides the criteria?  The answer is simple; it’s an arbitrary judgment call by each individual agent, but most agents basically agree.  “A” buildings include The Californian, The Wilshire, The Wilshire House, The Blair House, La Tour and the Carlyle.  “B” buildings include The Marabella, The Ten-Five-Sixty, The Wilshire Terrace, The Wilshire Thayer, The Wilshire Holmby, The Diplomat, the Westford and the Longford. The “C” buildings include The Marie Antoinette, The Wilshire Regency, The Regent Wilshire, and others.  Criteria includes the average $/sq ft, overall appearance, size of units, amenities available, HOA dues, lobby appearance, Management and financial reserves.