“Year 2010 is about to close and not all of the stats are in. But this is interesting. In 90024 for homes (only), 65 were sold in 2009 and 62 in 2010, with only a slight increase of 3.83% in the size of the house. The two years show a flat sales chart. There is more. The Avg sale of $1,717,377 in 2009 was 93.63% of Listed Price, versus $1,700,566 avg in 2010 representing 96.69% of Listed Price. Tougher negotiations or homes being priced better? But you see a slightly lower avg of 2% between 2009 and 2010, but a slightly average size of house. What does that mean in $/sq ft? An average of $639.21/sq ft in 2009 versus $609.63 in 2010, representing 4.6% decrease from 2009 to 2010. An avg home of 2,790 sq ft with a decrease of $29.58/sq ft accounted for a homeowner’s loss of $82,528 on the average. Do the math. Ouch.”