A number of our listings this past year have had true dramatic stories behind them, including people who have had unexpected financial stresses which have put them in the unfavorable position of selling their property. It’s unclear what the upcoming year will bring between the volatile stock market, less than perfect real estate market, and the political changes in leadership to come.

I wouldn’t wish this type of pressure on anyone, but it’s at this time of the year, the Jewish New Year, it’s important to take a pause and remember that property comes and goes but health and happiness must be appreciated wherever you are.

Our wealthiest clients are not those with the priciest houses, but with the warmest homes. To have your family together under one roof, no matter where or how big, is the greatest blessing of all and I will look around the table tonight being thankful for my mother, my two daughters and son-in-law, my gorgeous wife and special “bro” Alex.

I  would like to wish you all, no matter what faith, a sweet New Year and hope you are healthy, happy, and fulfilled.