Are we having fun yet? How about some fun numbers to put everything into perspective.

92,000 – Highest number of new unemployment claims filed since March of 2005 (Beacon Economics)

215,000 – Number of new unemployment claims filed week ending March 21st 2020 (Beacon Economics)
-6.3% – UCLA Anderson’s GDP Growth Forecast for 2020 Q2
-24% – Goldman Sachs forecast of the same 
17Number of states now instituting shelter-in-place provisions as of March 23rd – California, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Idaho, Colorado, Georgia, Oregon, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Indiana and Washington. 
$2.3MThe price of a new home we just put into escrow (Yes, life goes on)
33,404 Total number of COVID-19 Cases as of March 23rd at 10:00pm, 449 travel related, 539 through close contact, 32,416 under investigation 
3/23/2020My 43 yr  and 10-month anniversary and the day US deaths reached 400 from COVID-19 ( 
$1.1M – The price of our new income property listing near USC (I already told you – life goes on)
350,000+ – Number of COVID-19 cases reported by government agencies worldwide (NBC LA News)
414,247Number of COVID-19 cases reported by government agencies worldwide (Fox News) 
15,000+Number of COVID-19 deaths reported by government agencies worldwide (NBC LA News)
18,557 – Number of COVID-19 deaths reported by government agencies worldwide (Fox News) 
12The number of listings we currently have in play, without the ability to have public open houses or broker open houses or even private showings (but in the best interests of our health and others)
6The number of days it took the world to double the reported number of COVID-19 deaths to 14,602 (European Center of Disease Control)
5Days it took Italy to double to 5,476 (ECDC)
37Days it took China to double to 3,276 (ECDC)
7 Days it took Iran to double to 1,685 (ECDC)
4Days it took France to double to 674 (ECDC)
3Days it took Peru to double to 5 (ECDC)
316,664Total COVID-19 tests performed in South Korea (
103,945Total COVID-19 test performed in the United States (
12,738Number of COVID-19 tests performed in United Arab Emirates per 1,000,000 citizens ( 
313.6 The same data for the United States (

What are you doing to pass the time in isolation? Are you a little demented like me and reading through statistics to watch the numbers?  Catching up on your reading?  Cleaning off your desk (me)?  Spring cleaning in the garage? Calling old friends to catch up?

Allow me to make some suggestions.  Read a good book (or books.) Contact your Church,Temple or Mosque and see what members are older and isolated, and what you can do to deliver groceries or pharmaceuticals.  Reach out to friends you may know who are single and stuck alone. Go online and join in on a game of scrabble, bridge, poker or chess. Or call your mother and father and children every day. Every single day.

Be well and safe.