MarkRogoThe real estate market has become so tight, that “pocket” listings are again appearing as a viable option for Buyers. They gained their name from the practice many years ago of unscrupulous agents who would take a signed listing agreement and metaphorically stick it in their pocket to delay the exposure to the full open market in order to give them time to secure their own Buyer and thus double their commission. That’s never in the best interest of the Buyer, and new rules now strongly advise against it. Today, it merely means a listing off market. We have our own series of pocket listings, as all listing agents do.

If you’re in the market for a condo or home,
•  We have several condos along the Wilshire Corridor, ranging in price from $1.3M to $1.8M, in the normal 2 bedroom configuration, and all redone in a style commensurate with a young professional’s taste.
  At The Blair House on the Wilshire Corridor, a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, approx. 1,600+ sq ft, gorgeous overlooking the pool deck, redone completely, balcony, for lease ONLY.
We also have several units in the Blair House in the 2,800 sq ft size.

•  A very special two bedroom unit on Beverly Glen Blvd that has been completely redone, opening up all the walls into one expansive large living space. Separate bedroom / bathroom to the side and stunningly redone with top-notch commercial kitchen. Priced at $1.5M
We also have a 4 bedroom home in Beverlywood adjacent, Mediterranean style with over 3,000 sq ft and needing some TLC, price to be determined.

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